Sunday, 22 April 2012

Make a fresh start

  1. Nails needs to breathe.Remove polish now and then so they can get some air.
  2. For an exfoliant with purifying power,pick up one with sea salt,eucalyptus and clay.
  3. Use a face wash that has soft scrubbing granules and a floral scents that decreases oil production by lowering stress.
  4. Lavender oil purifies,soothes and relaxes whether you inhale it,rub it on or add it to bath water.
  5. Wipe out every last pimple with a cream/Lotion containing salicylic acid.
  6. get hair supremely clean with a clarifying shampoo.peppermint and lemongrass reduce residue and leave scalp tingly.

Choose the right sunglasses for your face

super size shades are still very much in style.If you focus on finding the right shape for your face,you will always make the right choices.A good tip: when trying on sunglasses,look for a shape opposite your faces.Also consider where you shop;a store specializing in eyewear has the staff with expertise to help you find the most flattering frames.
SQUARE: A square face looks best in round or ovel frames which soften the edges
ROUND : Square or angular frames complement a round face.dark colour like black colour can also minimize fullness
HEART : A heart shapedface can wear a round or ovel glasses.Also try light coloured or rimlessframes.
OVAL  : Just about any shap works on an ovel face.Squared-off tortoise-shell frames add drama 

Friday, 20 April 2012

Big Waist-Big Trouble

A trim mid section is associated with a lower risk of stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack ( TIA ) according to a study in stroke.Study participants with the largest waist circumferences( more than 40.2 inches in men,and more than 36.4 inches in women ) were more than four times likelier to suffer a stroke or TIA than people with smaller waistlines.A TIA is a mini stroke in which blood is flow to the brain is temporarily blocked by a clot,while a stroke,caused by a brust or blocked blood vessel,often impairs physical movement,vision,language,and/or speech.

Chewing gum does not make you smarter

Some early research found that gum chewing improved performance on memory tests,perhaps by boosting blood flow to the brain and stimulating a part of the brain where information is processed.But more recent studies have failed to find any brain benefit-or have noted that gum sometimes worsens performance.Another recent study in appetite found that gum improved performance on certain cognitive tests,but only when it was chewed before,not during the tests.The benefit lasting just 15-20 minutes.According to the researchers Gum does not help thinking-and possibly even impairs it-during a task because of "interferance due to a sharing of metabolic resources by cognitive and masticatory processes" In other word some people cannot think and chew gum at the same time.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Yoga is a pure science

Yoga is pure science.And patanjali is the greatest name as for as the world of yoga is concerned.this man is rare,there is no other name comparable to patanjali.For the first time in the history of humanitythis man brought religion to the status of a science.He made religion a science;pure laws no belief is needed.So called religions need beliefs.There is no other differance between one religion and another;the differance is only of beliefs.Yoga has nothing as for as belief is concerned;Yoga does not say to believe in anything.Yoga says "EXPERIENCE" just as science says "EXPERIMENT".Yoga says "Experience.Experiment ans Experience are both the same ;their direction are different.Experiment means there is something you can do outside;Experiment means there is something you can do inside.Experience is an inner Experiment.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Sugar - You are not soo sweet to me

In the six tastes whichever we eats ,at the last that will converted into sweet taste.That sweet is atlast converted into Glucose and mixed into blood.This glucose gives energy to our body.Glucose is very important to our muscle growth.Those who are not doing hard work by physically they will get overweight easily.because while working hard physically the glucose which are stored in our body are converted into energy,and if you don't do hard work that glucose are stored as bad fats in the muscles.Whenever sugar contant increases in our body our Agility decreases,and Constipation automatically come to our side .All the other diseases are BYPRODUCT of this constipation.After 10 years only Some of us are coming to know that the blood sugar has increased in the urine.Those who are having sugar don't take over sugar,and at the same time Tartness is also very very dangerous to the person who are having sugar.1 gm tartness is equal to 50gm sugar.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

what is the important of spleen?

spleen is the biggest lymphgland in our body.This is placed by touching our stomach,left kidney,large Intestine,Pancreas.Spleen makes the life energy and blood from the food.The blood is stored in this spleen.When the body needs blood from here the blood is given to the body.RBC's are created from here itself. If the  spleen is damaged means ,it leads to over weight,indigestion,tired.back pain,Neck pain,sleeping problem.As per acupuncture there are totally 21 points to cure diseases which are caused by the damage of Spleen.

Monday, 2 April 2012

What are the reasons for ASTHMA

  • Dust in our home,
  • Housemites which are accumulated in our home
  • Pets like dogs and cats may cause asthma through their hair
  • The dust comes from mushrooms
  • The smoke from cigarettes
  • Perfumes smell
  • The smokes comes from two wheelerand four wheeler
  • The environmental changes like cold,snow,rainy seasons.
  • The smoke that comes from factories
  • Hard work and exercise
  • Stress,over laugh,over crying,
  • These are some reasons that one get attack by asthma.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sex a creative Energy

There are only two types of people in this world;one type is the people who are suffering because of sex, and the other one who have transformed their sexual energy into LOVE.You will be surprised to know that sex and love are two opposite things.As love grows sex becomes less.The more loving you are the less sexual you will be;and if you are totally filled with love there will be nothing sexual inside you.But if there is no love ,inside you everything will be sexual.Anyone who suppresses his sexual energy creates insanity,and that creates mental illnesses.Any attempt to suppress your sexual energy is in itself madness.If the doors to love are opened,the energy that was flowing through sex will be transformed through the light of love. so let this love expand,Love is the creative use of sex.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Exercise make you feel healthy

Exercise is absolutely important for the body.Because all the elements that the body is made of expand with exercise.Exercise helps expansion.when you run every cell,every living cell of your body expands.And when they expands you feel very healthy and when they are contracted you feel sick. when your lungs filled with oxygen and all the carbondioxide is thrown out your blood circulation rises and the impurities are cleaned out.Excessive rest is harmful likewise excessive exercise is also doing over exercise is not good for body.A little regular exercise is always good and make you feel healthy.Rest only as much as you exercise.In this century there is no place for exercise and for rest.we are in a strange situation.Rest is a long ,deep sleep in which the whole body is sleeping,all its activities have slowed down and all the stress that it has been under is released.