Saturday, 14 April 2012

Yoga is a pure science

Yoga is pure science.And patanjali is the greatest name as for as the world of yoga is concerned.this man is rare,there is no other name comparable to patanjali.For the first time in the history of humanitythis man brought religion to the status of a science.He made religion a science;pure laws no belief is needed.So called religions need beliefs.There is no other differance between one religion and another;the differance is only of beliefs.Yoga has nothing as for as belief is concerned;Yoga does not say to believe in anything.Yoga says "EXPERIENCE" just as science says "EXPERIMENT".Yoga says "Experience.Experiment ans Experience are both the same ;their direction are different.Experiment means there is something you can do outside;Experiment means there is something you can do inside.Experience is an inner Experiment.

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