Friday, 24 February 2012

Over Water pollutes our body.

Early morning 1.5 litter water is very necessary for all...!,which allopathy says,is not right. Generally Allopathy is a senseless medical.Thirst is indicating you that your body now needs water because there is insufficient of water in your body.That means your body is now ready to digest the water ( If you take ).This also indicates that your kidney is with the right energy  to evacuation the waste which are in your body.If there is no thirst means  there is no waste in your body to throw out.So don't go beyond the limit even in drinking water.If you take food without hungry that leads to indigestion,like wise if you take water without thirst that also leads to indigestion of water .To know that is very easy- That will make some scrolling sound in your stomach.This will spoil the spleen very soon.When spleen gets damaged it leads to Indigestion,very soon you get High-BP or Low-BP.Then heart losses it's normal action,and this spoils the whole body.Immediate sleep comes after taking meals is the symptom,and abnormal heart beat also indicates this.In outer we are polluting water and water pollutes human inside.But both the events are done by human beings Not by others.

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