Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The path of YOGA

I am very much happy to say too many thanks for reading my articles in this blog.In this article we are going to understand what YOGA is.
we are living in a deep illusion the illusion of HOPE,of FUTURE,of tomorrow.This has to be understand very deeply,because without understanding it there can be no entry into the inquiry which is called as YOGA.The mind has to be understood deeply-the mind which needs lies,the mind which needs illusion,the mind which cannot exist with the real,the mind which needs DREAMS.You are not only dreaming in the night,even while awake you are continuously dreaming.
Now scientist say that a man can live without sleep but he cannot live without old days it was understood that sleep was a necessity,but now morden research says sleep is not really a necessity;sleep is needed only so that we can dream.If you are allowed to sleep,and not allowed to dream,you will not feel fresh,alive,in the morning.This can be known from the outside.If someone is sleeping you can judge whether he is dreaming or sleeping.If he is sleeping his eyes will be continiously moving, as if he is seeing something with closed eyes.when he is in fast asleep the eyes will not move;they will remain if your sleep is distrubedwhile your eyes are moving you will feel tired
Where there are dreams you will be doing something,but you will be absent.Inside you are occupied .The present is almost always a hell:You can prolong this hell only because of the hope that you have projected into the future.You can live today because of the tomorrow.You are hoping something is going to happen tomorrow-some doors of PARADISE will open tomorrow.You must  understand that,even they never open today WHEN TOMORROW WILL COME IT WILL NOT COME AS TOMORROW IT WILL COME AS TODAY,but by that time your mind has moved again.You go on moving ahead of you: this is what dreaming is.You are not one with the real,that which is nearby,that which is here and now,you are somewhere else-moving ahead,jumping ahead.Because no one is ready to see the naked reality. 
Yoga is a method to come to a non-dreaming mind.Yoga is the science to be in the here and now.Yoga means now you are ready not to move into the future.Yoga means now you are ready not to HOPE,not to jump ahead of your being.Yoga means to encounter the realityas it is .

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