Monday, 9 April 2012

Sugar - You are not soo sweet to me

In the six tastes whichever we eats ,at the last that will converted into sweet taste.That sweet is atlast converted into Glucose and mixed into blood.This glucose gives energy to our body.Glucose is very important to our muscle growth.Those who are not doing hard work by physically they will get overweight easily.because while working hard physically the glucose which are stored in our body are converted into energy,and if you don't do hard work that glucose are stored as bad fats in the muscles.Whenever sugar contant increases in our body our Agility decreases,and Constipation automatically come to our side .All the other diseases are BYPRODUCT of this constipation.After 10 years only Some of us are coming to know that the blood sugar has increased in the urine.Those who are having sugar don't take over sugar,and at the same time Tartness is also very very dangerous to the person who are having sugar.1 gm tartness is equal to 50gm sugar.

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