Thursday, 29 March 2012

Exercise make you feel healthy

Exercise is absolutely important for the body.Because all the elements that the body is made of expand with exercise.Exercise helps expansion.when you run every cell,every living cell of your body expands.And when they expands you feel very healthy and when they are contracted you feel sick. when your lungs filled with oxygen and all the carbondioxide is thrown out your blood circulation rises and the impurities are cleaned out.Excessive rest is harmful likewise excessive exercise is also doing over exercise is not good for body.A little regular exercise is always good and make you feel healthy.Rest only as much as you exercise.In this century there is no place for exercise and for rest.we are in a strange situation.Rest is a long ,deep sleep in which the whole body is sleeping,all its activities have slowed down and all the stress that it has been under is released.


  1. Interesting post. Now you can use this online health guide for day to day health problems.

    1. Thanks for your advise,and this comment gives me more hope.