Sunday, 22 April 2012

Choose the right sunglasses for your face

super size shades are still very much in style.If you focus on finding the right shape for your face,you will always make the right choices.A good tip: when trying on sunglasses,look for a shape opposite your faces.Also consider where you shop;a store specializing in eyewear has the staff with expertise to help you find the most flattering frames.
SQUARE: A square face looks best in round or ovel frames which soften the edges
ROUND : Square or angular frames complement a round face.dark colour like black colour can also minimize fullness
HEART : A heart shapedface can wear a round or ovel glasses.Also try light coloured or rimlessframes.
OVAL  : Just about any shap works on an ovel face.Squared-off tortoise-shell frames add drama 

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