Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Power of organ energy

Basic life energy is the self sustaining inherent energy of a cell or an organ,which has the cepacity to function on its own,without the aid of food,water,and air energy. for example till the child is born,the lungs is the heavy and solid mass,lying inside the chest wall.when the child is born ,the lungs begins its function on its own by expanding and drawing into the air energy.Simultaneously,large intustine also begins its function by passing tool.But for this inherent energy potential,functional activities of an organ can not take place.The function of basic life force is to self sustain the normal activities of a cell and to protect it against the evil force.when poisonous substances like drugs which acts against the direction of the life force and thus not in tune with the biological activities of our syste,enter the cells the basic life energy begins its activityagainst them.Liver is an important organ in detoxifying any poison that enters in the blood.During this process liver exhausts its energy much faster because the medicines are continuously and repeatedly administered.As the liver get exhausted in its basic life energy,it produces symptoms like lack of appetite,feeling of vomiting and tiredness and ggiddiness ensures.

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