Monday, 20 February 2012

Concept of Acupuncture :

Health means Activity.The activity of a person depends upon his energy status.If the energy is insufficient there is less in activity,and tiredness ensures. we have 12 vital organs .If any one or more of the vital organ has insufficient energy for it's activity,the organ concerned becomes sluggish in it's physiological function.For example, if stomach is under active due to want of energy, it becomes lazy.The effects of laziness of the stomach are expressed as Symptoms.They are appetite,sluggish digestion,bolching and eructations,with the smell of food taken long before.
Similarly the function of each organs depends on it's energy condition.Instead of insufficient energy,if there is excess energy,there will be stuffiness and distending painin the abdomen;there may be nauseaand vomiting immediately after consuming food.And lastly if there is defective energy there will be stomach disorder.This is the starting point of disease.This condition could be set right if only the health system knows the energy source,energy movement in our body and has the knowledge to manipulate the energy and change an undeactive or disordered organwith sufficient and viable energy.Acuouncture is the only science that satisfies such a requirement by utilising the admospheric electrical energy.The success of acupuncture treatment depends entirely upon the skill of the practitioner who applies the great science.

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