Thursday, 22 March 2012

About Bacteria-What acupuncture says ...!

Generally the bacteria are present on the surface of our skin,intestine track,and respiratory and urinary passages.But they do not grow in excess as to cause infections as long as the vitality of the skin or the organs preserved.In case there appear a weakness in an organ,or there is a loss of integrity of the skin due to injury,the vitality and the resistance of the cell are lowered.To overcome this the number of bacteria increases in order to enhance the immunity of the devitalised cells..At this stage of bacterial growth there may be mild symptoms of infections.This is only temporary and heals spontaneously because of the growing immunity,along with the increased bacterial growth.Any interferance in this natural growth of bacteria caused by applying antiseptic lotions will stop the immune mechanism from functioning and lead to a sure and progressive infection.

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