Saturday, 24 March 2012

Food-How to eat and get Energy

First one should not eat so much food that your body become so Lethargic;lethargy is unhealthy.Your food should also not make your body excited.Excitement is unhealthy because it creates imbalances. One should eat enough so that the body does not waste away because that will not create weakness.If energy is not produced then it will not be possible to progress towards higher consciousness.Your diet should create energy,but it should not be stimulating.Energy should be created,butone should not eat so much that it makes the body lethargic.If one have overeaten then all your energy will be used for digestion and the body will be filled with lethargy.Whan the body is lethargic it means that all the energy is being used to digest your food.Lethargy is an indication that you have overeaten.After eating you should feel refreshed and energized,not lethargic.This is LOGIC.

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