Wednesday, 21 March 2012

How much creative you are -that much your anger disappear.

Nobody in the world is a sinner and nobody is a saint.So first an emotion arises.Release it through your body in the form of any exercise.Second learn to be creative.Now most of humans are not creative.Naturally energy has to move in some direction,either towards destruction or towards creativity.Learn to lead a creative life.The more creative you are the more your anger will disappear.Anger is the sign of an uncreative person.The reason that so many creative people,great sculptors,painters or poets,remained unmarried is that all their energy was being used for their creative process.The mind is the most subtle part of the body and the body is the most gross part of the mind.In other words they are two different things.That's why whatever happens in the body is echoed in the mind,and whatever happens in the mind has its effects on the body.If the mind is sick the body will not remain healthy for long. The message is passed between the two and has an effect on both.

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