Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Protect your hearing Ears

Thinking of that " I am cleaning my ears " and using EAR-BUDS regularly is not good for health and also ears.Instead of cleaning most of us are doing for cheer and a unknown rejoicing.The veges nerves in the ear is the main one which stimulates that rejoicing when we use that everyone becomes "slave" for that habits.Alderman's Nerve inside the ear is very sensitive and when unwanted things touches this nerves they become reddish due to sore.In future it becomes allergy.Don't think that dust like wax which are formed in ears are not formed from the outside dust.That is formed by the ears itself to prevent our ears from the Bacteria,Fungies,small insects.The wax like dust which is formed by the ear itself,if it formed beyond the limit our ear itself through away from our ear.So don't use buds to clear ears.

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