Tuesday, 13 March 2012

what is HDL and LDL blood cholesterol ?

Heart diseases is the major disease in America which creates death.May we all think that blood cholesterol is the main factor for heart disease.But it is very shocking to know that blood cholesterol is not the main reason for heart disease.Swollen in the blood vessel due to blood cholesterol is the main thing for heart disease.This swollen is due to nutrition tablets.Don't try to reduce the blood cholesterol,try to identify the reason for blood cholesterol and rectify it.This will be the right way to reduce Heart disease.Only after 1970 there are so many death happened due to heart disease.In our blood, If there is HDL cholesterol means it is good for our body.But if there is LDL cholesterol,it is consider as bad cholesterol and it is not good for our body.HDL cholesterol cleans the wastes which is formed by LDL cholesterol. 

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