Friday, 16 March 2012

How to avoid Ulcer

After Taking food if stomach pain is reduced means it is called as Teodinal-Ulcer.After taking food if the stomach pain is increased means it is called as Gasteric Ulcer.Apart from this vomiting, gas trouble,Weight lose,these all symptoms of ulcers.Endoscopie test is the best treatment for ulcer.Some times ulcer leads to cancer also.It also leads to blood vomiting because of high level secreation of HCL in our stomach.So evertone have to be careful about Ulcer.The person who smokes more will get ulcer very soon.So stop smoking.Stress is also a main reason for getting Ulcer.some times taking pain-killer also leads to before taking pain-killer consult your doctor.
To avoide ulcer take your food in time.Avoid  taking hot-drinks,and avoid smoking.To get out from stress do meditation every day.Avoid taking spice foods and oil foods.But at the same time to reduce your body weight you should not go for starvation.Don't go to bed immediately after taking dinner,go to bed after 2 hours after taking dinner.

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