Friday, 2 March 2012

How to over come your Anger-BLISS or CURSE?

How Blockages accumulate in your body ?Have you ever wondered how blockages accumulates in our body ? If i insult you and you get angry,this creates a surge of energy in you.Once a energy is created means it cannot be destroyed,energy is never desyroyed.Energy has to be used,and if it is not used it will becomePrevented and Self-distructive.You have to use it-But the question is how to use it? Imagine you are at work and you are in angry-there is a strong feeling of anger in you and you cannot express it.TRY THIS-Transform the energy creatively.contract  the muscles of your legs-Nobody can see your legs-as much as you can.make them stiff, pull them as tight as you can. whan you feel that you cannot go any further, suddenly relax them.You will be surprised to see that the anger has gone and you will also be exercising your muscles and toning them up.And the angey impulse which could have become destructive has bee released,and in the bargain your legs have been toned up
Like the same way if your stomach is blocked,pull all the muscles of your stomach in,and imagine that all the energy of your angeris being used to contract these muscles.You will see that in a minute or two the anger will have disappeared and the energy will have been used creatively.
Energy is always neutral.The energy which is created by anger is not distructive in itself;it is distructive only because it is being used in the form of Anger.Make better use of it.And if it is not used in the better way it will continue to exist in a distructive form.It cannot disappear unless you do something.If you can learn to make use of it ,it can bring a revolution into your life.If you do not use your body creatively,then all this energy which could have been a BLISSING will become a CURSE.

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