Monday, 30 January 2012

Heart see's -which is not by your Doctor

The Best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or ever touched.They must be felt with the "HEART"
Everyone has been made for some particular work,and the desire for that work has been put in every "HEART"
If there is no any blood circulation to the brain from heart for 4 seconds ,Brain will not work for permanently.This is called as brain Death in medical term.From birth upto death heart is the main organ that takes care about all the parts in our body.So the necessary to take care about heart is-----very necessary.Per 60 seconds it beats 72 times approximately.Per day it diminishing and divergenceing near about 100000 times.Heart circulates near about 10000 litter blood to the whole body per it is very necessary to take care about the muscles in the heart.
 Even it circulates the blood to the whole body,it won't get energy from the blood directly.That energy,it get's from the important blood vessel known as CORONARY ARTERIES .If you want your heart to beat very good every day ,some important things you have to follow is :

* Walk for half an hour per day in the morning or evening.
* brush your teeth before you go to bed at night.
* allow to beat your heart at any way for 1-2 minutes fastly.
* Fish oil is very good for heart.
* Don't eat full of your stomach, Leave some space for water and air there.
* Do surya Namaskara (Yogasana) Daily for atleast 15 minutes
* Use always the steps to go to the upstair. By this your heart beat's very fast so that your  blood circulation   moves very fast to whole of your body ,by that full of your body get's Oxygen.
* Don't sit anywhere for a long time.Because sitting job may be good for your financial status but it gives you   heart disease.In sitting job people are not doing any physical work.

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