Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Begin with the body..!

The foundation of meditation involves only your periphery, and periphery of your personality is the Body.so the first step towards Meditation begins from your body.
so remember whatever negative feelings you may have about your body, which other people may have imprinted on you ,drop them. The body is a very good instrument in the material as well as the spiritual world. THE BODY IS NEITHER A ENEMY NOR A FRIEND. It is just an instrument you can use to do wrong or good.Don't hold any misconception about it.In the world whanever somthing right or wrong hashappened it has happened through the body.
                    So, for meditation or for health it is necessary to start with attention to the body. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT PROCEED WITHOUT FIRST PUTTING THIS INSTRUMENT IN ORDER. If the body is not in the right condition you cannot proceed.The purer the body,the easier it will be to go deeper inside.
The first meaning is that there should be no disturbance.NO BLOCKS,NO COMPLEXES in the body.
Try to understand how these blocks enter into the body ? Imagine that, if you get angry, and if you are not expressing it,the heat that the angry creates in your body will accumulate in some part of your body,and will become a BLOCKAGE. This blockage leads you to HYSTERIA. Recent experiments being done on the human body,show that out of hundred diseases 50 of these are not of human body but of the mind.The mental illness make disturbances in the body.So if the body is not healthy slowly the whole system of our body will become IMPURE

Five things to hold your body system in your control :
1- Good nutrition
2- proper Excercise
3- Good Attitude
4- Meditation
5- Adequate rest

These 5 things keeps your body free from blockages. This is the first step towards purifying the body.The agitation of the body comes from the agitation of mind.when the movement of the mind slows down,the body too slows down. SO ALL THE HEALTH FACTORS INNER OR OUTER BEGINS FROM THE BODY.
So We also begin from the BODY.

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