Saturday, 28 January 2012

Way to stop smoking

There is no drawing without wall.If you want life you have to maintain your health.First take care about your health,because your body is the right instrument to do anything in your life.smokers cannot leave their smoking habit as they wish.It is not that much easy,because, while that time Nicotine's domination is reduced on the brain,and temporarily they are Endure to depression,Angry,disgust,anxiety,getting irritation easily. To get out of that,again they want to continue that habit. Most of them want's to get out of that habit( 80% ) but only 10% of them are conquering that.
Bullet Points to stop smoking :

  • Avoid your smoking friends and have friendship with person's who don't smoke.
  • Avoid the situation which stimulate you to smoke,and divert that situation in some other activities like sports and walking.
  • Family doctor should encourage that person to not to smoke,and always give some medical tips to stop that,and make aware about some smoking diseases.
  • Don't smoke in the public places. And in front of children's.
  • Maximum avoid loneliness, and take some alternate to Nicotine like BUPROPION as per your family doctor's advise.

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