Saturday, 28 January 2012

Laugh - A treatment without Medicine

"An onion can make people cry, but there is never been a vegetable that can make people Laugh"-Will rogers

"With the fearful strain that is on me night and day,If i did not laugh i should Die"- Abraham Lincoln

There is a deep and silent relationship between a person's happiness and mood.If there is decrease of happiness, indicates that your health condition is also going down.If you laugh from your heart ,no need to take medicine.Laughing has the power to increase one's life span.Your mind open's like a blooming lotus if you laugh often ( Not without reason ).scientist who makes research on medicine say's that ," laughing is the best medicine for all the human kinds".
Laughing cures soo many diseases too faster than medicine.laughing not only cures the diseases but also creates the antibiotic inside our body to prevent diseases in future.Nerves in our body secretes a chemical called CGRP which produce the cells that encourage antibiotic.The nerves in our body are vibrated by laughing,by that vibrate only the CGRP secreted in our body in a high level,even no other medicines in the world can produce CGRP that much high.IMMUNOGLOBULIN-A is secreted by mucus in our nose by laughing,and that immunogloblin-A prevents bacteria and virus which creates diseases in our body.
Benefits of laughing :
  •  Makes our blood pure again and again.
  •  Reduces our high BP level.
  •  Increases  our lungs function.
  •  Increases the secretion of hormones,which reduces the pain of our muscles.
  •  Cures Peptic ulcer

May be 4000 benefits,but i am not going to laugh.No problem Life will laugh to you.If you laugh the world comes to your palm.

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