Thursday, 23 February 2012

Blood-The value liquid

A red coloured liquid in our body is called as "BLOOD".This blood is made up of huge number of connective tissues.Blood containing oxygen is very light in colour.Dark red colored blood contain's carbon-di-oxide.Middle aged people are having 8% of blood in their body weight.It is running from top to bottom in our body.Per day it is running upto 80000 kms to 1.25 lakh kms.In blood there are main three things 1)RBC- Red blood corpesels 2)WBC-White blood corpesels 3)Platlets.In blood RBC's life span is 90 to 120 days.In this 90-120 days, from heart it circulates near about 75000 times and return back to heart.Loss of water in our body indicates that loss of blood in our when one get injured first we have to give him water In 1cubic-mm  blood there are 4.5-5 lakhs RBC's are there,and 8-10 lakhs WBC's are there,and 3-4 lakhs Platelets are there.Due to fever and starvation,there may be loss of RBC's in our blood.RBC's are having HEMOGLOBLIN,this Hemoglobin is very essential for carrying oxygen from top to bottom of our body.That's why we are getting tired when we are in fever.Because proper hemoglobin is not their in our blood so brain is not getting oxygen,so we get tired.

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