Monday, 13 February 2012

Outer organ reflects inner organ

Psychiatric [ Mental Problem ] is not related to brain.For example a person is very hungry,but before eating he got a sad news,immediately his hungry quits away from his body.The other organs like Lungs,Kidney,heart are all working well but his stomach's action was stopped.From this we have to understand that anxiety and sorrow are due to the operating loss of stomach only.A threatened small boy goes urine,because his kidney goes under operatingloss due to fear.Drinking habit spoil liver.That's why one gets anger very quickly because " Quickly getting angry " is due to the operatingloss of Liver.So a true Doctor can deside the disease by taking a vision on the patients mood.By giving energy to that particular organ the doctor can activate that organ,and bring back to the old condition.By this we can cure the psychiatric by giving treatment to the affected organ.
whenever energy gets decreases in a particular organ it affects our mind.This is also a starting point of disease.Every outer organ of human part is ralated to an inner organ.For example our ears shape more or less resembles with our kidney.Like that our tongue shape resembles with our heart.So if the inner organ is affected due to some reason it shows the symptoms through their resembleing related outer organs.

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