Monday, 6 February 2012

Unique Plants that cures diseases

Poaceae  : (In india it is called as - Arugampul)
Botanical Name : Cynodon dactylon pers
All the parts of this grass are used in siddha and Ayurvedic treatments.wound and scratches are also cured by this grasses.This is very widely used to cure kidney stone problem and it prevents the blood leakage in kidney.Not only in kidney but also in eyes.Its root is very much used to cure chronic gleet, when this grasses root is taken with curd.

Lamiaceae : (In India it is called as - Thulasee)
Botanical Name : Ocimum sanctum L
All the parts of this plant are used in siddha and Ayurvedic treatments.It is generally used as antibiotic.It kills mosquitos and insects.This plant's hot water essence cures chest mucus,nose block,and diarrhea.It's seeds cures kidney and sex organ disorders.Its leaf cures Phlegmand and Dysentary.It also cures bleeding and continuous fever.This also kills the germs in the intestine.Very widely used in vishnu temples in india.

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