Monday, 6 February 2012

The needle makes you Healthy

Without taking medicine one can cure disease by Acupuncture. only 10% of Chances are there to come again the same disease that cured by Acupuncture. While  curing the disease of a particular organ,Acupuncture cures the other diseases also related to the same organ.It makes balance to the body mind co-ordination and gives freshness to the whole body.This method increases our immunity system without giving any side effects.One can follow the Acupuncture method while following some other medical treatments ,It won't give any side effects,any after effects,any allergy like that.
Threatening diseases like asthma,Hemiparesis,stroke,koma,Psychiatric,can be cured by this method.This method brings back the regularity of the hormone secretion. 
Today this method is also accepted by WHO ( World Health organisation ).This method is actually created by the Siddha BOHAR,and when he went to china ,he taught to the china peoples.In the statue of the Lord Palani Murugan,he noted the main 361 points which are widely used in Acupuncture method.After that he got Jeeva samathi there.

Some Quotes :
"So many people spend their health gaining wealth,and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health"
"Health is a state of complete harmoney of the body,mind and spirit.When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distraction,the gates of the soul opens"

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