Wednesday, 29 February 2012

How to get out from back pain ?

Back pain is today a major problem for all of them who are having sitting job or the person who are all in marketing field.This comes because the pressure of all the muscles in our body accumulate in spine Exercise Is the first and best way to get out of back pain.The persons who are all in sitting job are now easily getting back pain soon because they are not interested in Exercise.Because of this their body weight goes beyond the limit so their muscles are getting weak and at the same time the pressure of all the muscles accumulates on the spine.Our bone absorb the calcium which are coming through the food only by doing exercise.
Second thing is we are not getting proper Vitamin D. because now all of us are not ready to walk in sunlight in the morning.The sunlight speacilly in the morning having good "Vit-D".Nature is ready to give us so many good things,Because of lack of awarness we sleep in late night and awake in late morning.Changing this habit,and by walking in the sunlight in the morning we will get plenty of "Vit-D" to make our spine very strong-is the second way.That walking should also in early morning,not after 7am.The sun light from 4.30am to 6.00am is having plenty of Vit-D.So do walking before 6.00am.

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