Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Breast Milk is the best milk

For the first 6 month only breast feeding is very very best for a child.This is a best ,a cheap,a safety,and an easily available nutrition in this world.This milk is yellow in colour.This is also an antibiotic so feeding this is very important for both mother and child.Whenever a child cry just feed milk.After 6 month by feeding you can also give some other foods also.Don't stop feeding breastmilk even the child is in any disease.Like wise mother having any disease she should not stop feeding her milk to child without advice of doctor.If the situation is not that,to not give breastfeeding just give cow milk to the child.( Cow milk shuold mixed with a little amount of water,and boiled for a few minutes )
Don't use powder milk ,this will spoil the babies health.Don't put your baby in the bed immediately after feeding until your baby gives a belching.Suddenly stoping breastfeeding is not good for both child and mother.slowly stoping breast feeding is good ( slowly means it takes nearabout 3-4 months to stop ). Generally giving breast feeding for 9months to one year is reasonable.

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