Friday, 10 February 2012

Skeleton-Godown of minerals

Skeleton gives shape to human body.This skeleton protects so many things in our body like lungs, brain,eyes,kidney.Not only it protects the main parts of our body,it acts as a godown to store minerals.It also produces the RBC and WBC in our body.By the help of this skeleton only muscles are doing their job very well.They are classified into 4 groups.
* Skull
* Sternum
* Spinal cord
* girdle
Natural foods only gives energy to the bones in our body.The energy which gets from natural is the original energy,and this is sutable for all time.This skeleton stores the minerals like calcium99%,phosphorous 85%,and gives to our body ,whenever our body needs.There is a big factory in our bones.In our body per 1 minute near about one crore WBC's are dieing ,and with the help of Skeletons only they are reproduced.skeletons are madeup of tissues like cancellous and compacts.After 20 the growth of our bones are stoped and the size expands.
Problems occurs in Skeletons :
Bone Fracture may come due to our careless.
The stoppage of WBC's called as Aplastic Anamemia.
The swelling in the bones due to infection called as Osteomyelitis.

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