Sunday, 12 February 2012

Deep Breath - Is your life span

Lungs occupies both the side of human body.For the breath this is the main organ.This is in conical shape in our body.Right side lungs is seperated in three parts,and left side is separated in two parts. In the muster there is a fluid called as "Pleural Fluid".This fluid helps for the movement of lungs.Two process are mainly very important in lungs
1 - Inspiration
2 - Expiration
These 2 process are very important in lungs and by inspiration we get oxygen for the whole body. Our life span is not determined by our health condition,it is only determined by our breath.If we take a long breath that increases our life span.Because while taking long breath more oxygen goes into our body,so that our life span increases.Human life span is determined by how many breath he has taken?.so it is better to breath slowly.To breath slowly everyone has to stop Anger,Tension,and opposite thoughts .
To reduce the fast breath Pranayama is the best way.By doing pranayama one can clear his lungs.So that so many diseases like cold,skin diseases,throat diseases are cleared. The capacity  of the lungs is 4 litter.Avaragely near about 500ml air is going inside by one inspiration,in that only 350 ml is actually going to lungs.In that 350 ml air only 70 ml oxigen is there.In that 70 ml oxygen only 25 ml is absorbed by blood.So every one's life span depends upon the deep breath.

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