Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Is Acupuncture scientifically accepted ?

Today's science has to evolve through a million years and beyond if it wants to see through the eyes by instrumental means the energy force or the life forceof nature?,because science today is purely mechanical and elementary in nature.Men should not depend upon instrumental diagnosis any more because he has a more powerful equipment in the form of brain which can gain access into the hidden facts of a diseases.Brain has the quality of preception whereas scientific instruments are just toys and dummies in this regard.Todays  science or the science of tomorrow will never acquire the fitness to access the credibilityof the greater science.Acupuncture has the scope to cure any disease.The subject of acupuncture is conceptualand thought provoking unlike Alopathy,which is theoreticaland mechanicalinvolving no application of mind.
The concept of acupuncture is :
No disease is incurable.A single needle,placed on the skin surface at an exactly located and specified point,Manipulated in a precise manner ,according to the law of nature,should free the body from 10000 maladies,in a single treatment,within minutes.

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