Sunday, 19 February 2012

Stress-Bliss is in between two misery

Sleepless,Headache,muscle pain, Paroxysm, Asthma, BP,Ulcer,these are the symptoms of stress.
Frustration due to Failure in life ,Loss of organs and not able to move individually. Having cancer,Aids,Failure in marriage life,due to loneliness in old age,Financially very week-after a hard work,smoking, drinking alcohal,fear about their future, These things are the main reasons for stress.To avoid this one have to understand human life.This nature is the output of god,human being is just a part of it-that's all.If you feel the others inside you, disgust will automatically disappear and bliss flow inside you.If you practice this deeply you will pardon others you will never get angry.
Practice Meditation atleast 10 minutes per day.that will lead you to the above state.Human's are not able to understand all the events of life.Understand that Birth,death,sarrows happy,ups and downs-these events are unavoidable in life.Accepting all these things is the best way to avoid stress.Read good books while you are free.Hear some fine music.Spend some time with your wife,child,and friends.Share your problems and anxieties with your close friends and with your wife.Accept, that Bliss is in between two misery.One have to accept mentally both the side of lifes.When your are ready to accept failure,success is in the next of your doorstep.

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